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a SOCIAL ENTERPRISE What contribution do we make to a more beautiful and better world?

Coffee Mama has a big heart for society

That is why we believe it is important that we commit to concrete social goals and contribute to them.

Coffee Mama works together with the Forensic Center and makes itself available as a learning workplace for young adults who, due to various factors, lack the skills to progress independently in society. Under the expert and professional guidance of coaches, they are helped to re-socialize and reintegrate into society through an apprenticeship trajectory at Coffee Mama.

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Vulnerable young people are provided with an apprenticeship trajectory to acquire life skills such as barista, hospitality and hospitality skills. These are young people who are struggling with complex problems (such as behavioral disorders, substance abuse and psychological disorders) and who have been in contact with the police and the judicial authorities. This trajectory is a completely new method for Suriname and is a means by which these young people, aided by a multidisciplinary team (of forensic psychologists, social workers and coaches), can acquire the skills they need to re-socialize in society and for themselves. make a better future.

Various learning paths are possible within Coffee Mama and young people can acquire barista, catering, technical, administrative or hospitality skills. This makes it easier for them to find a job afterwards.

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